2019, Multimedia scenography
The project was made for the Digital Opera multimedia scenography competition and presented at Hermitage Theatre in Saint Petersburg.
Production team:
Andrey Chugunov - sound design
Olesya Ilenok - director, media artist
Evgeniy Lukuta - media artist
Anastasia Lukuta - media artist
The competition assignment is a multimedia project on the theme of scenography by famous artists who worked in Russian theatres in the 18th century: Pietro Gonzaga, Carlo Galli-Bibbiena, Giuseppe Valeriani. As the main visual reference, our team used Pietro Gonzaga's sketch of the Pantheon.
The sound was made in the framework of a team approach based on the deconstruction of classical elements to the particles. I used granular synthesis for this purpose. As a source melody, I used Georg Friedrich Händel's "Il pastor fido" piece.

Short artwork annotation:
"In an era of cliched thinking and fast information flow, the viewer chooses the content that interests him or her. Narrative deconstruction.
Each architectural element of a sketch is an independent unit of narrative. A line, a point, a colour create a new story around themselves. Deconstruction of the image.
Classical operatic music is split into pellets, resampled and looped. As it disintegrates, it is reassembled into a new work, opening up new facets of perception for the viewer. Deconstruction of sound.
Can opera go beyond the established instrumentation? Reassemble itself, find new forms of expression, root new media in its composition. To redistribute roles, where the scenery becomes the actors and the actors become the sets. Moving beyond the old norm, postulating a new one. Deconstruction of the genre".