Woyzeck and We
2022, Sound design
The project was commissioned by the Youth Theatre in Vladivostok, Russia.
"Woyzeck and We" is based on the play by Georg Büchner.
Production team:
Andrey Chugunov - composer
Anton Shefatov - director
Yegor Pshenichny - artist
Victoria Kostyukevich - playwright
Yuri Konakov - sound director
Mikhail Rakov - assistant director
The sound tries to convey Woyczek's torment and his unstable state, which is on the edge between a breakdown and an illusion. In Anton Shefatov's direction, both Wojciek and Drum major are one man's sub-personality.

Play description from theatre site:
"For 185 years Woyzeck* has been shaving the captain, eating the prescribed peas and tormenting Marie with his soulful love. 185 years on, the story is still playing out on theatre stages all over the world... Georg Büchner has created a social drama about the little man Franz Woyzeck, who is pushed out of his life by a hostile, cruel, unjust environment that prompts him to kill his beloved Marie. The defenceless "little man" is overtaken by the socio-economic order, arouses sympathy, and the murder of Maria is perceived with a vindictive intonation, passing sentence not on Woyzeck but on the order of human relations.
The authors of the play rethink the original text, delving into the theme of personal responsibility for the act. Whatever the circumstances, Woyzeck commits an act of will and takes the life of another person. It is important not to shift responsibility to the environment, but to take it on himself. Maybe that's the key to change.
* Woyzeck is based on the true story of Johann Christian Woyzeck, a barber in Leipzig, a former soldier, who killed his beloved out of jealousy. After his execution in 1824 the newspapers of Leipzig debated the possible reasons for this crime, above all the mental health of the murderer".