pt9 - _0x5F
2019, Video art
Used media:
Video: duration 06'49".
Light installation: pixel mapped LED-sticks.
Sound: sound was processed in Ableton.
Progressive hybridization of the human body and forced adaptation to the changing conditions of the technological environment leads to information oversaturation. As a result, the perception of the surrounding ceases to be complex and is transferred to the construct of digital voidness.

The genesis of digital voids is due to the inability to perceive an increasing amount of data. The glut of the information field of a person causes to shift a locus of attention into spaces that are not used in daily practices. The filling of these spaces occurs due to the absorption of any incoming values and converting them into metadata structures, the perception and judgment of which becomes more accessible.

Emptiness is a transition point, connecting the link between the dichotomous elements of life units. It is a substrate that exists at the junction point of two matters and does not have a specific value of a physical quantity.