mere - All that confirmed
2021, Video art for media facade
The project was made by the mere art group (Olesya Ilenok and Andrey Chugunov).
Performance was commissioned for the LIVE program of the "Rosbank Future Cities" digital public art festival.
Yekaterinburg, Russia
Used media:
Generative graphics made in vvvv gamma and touchdesigner.
Sound made in Max MSP, VCVRack and Ableton.
The project is based on the use of personal data that has been collected by Google while using its services. The project critically reflects on the amount of user information that large corporations collect. Each artist requested an archive of their data, which became the basis for a visual and auditory series. The work consists of a multi-part video prepared for the Yeltsin Center's media facade.
The first part is based on text queries, voice control commands and random recordings of unknown origin found in the folder during the upload. The next scene in the visual part uses data of geolocation and movements of the artists in the urban space and synthesized sounds based on numerical data and audio records of search queries following 'Okay, Google' in the audio part.
The aim of the work is to raise the question of how much data we give to corporations in exchange for their services. By combining abstract and concrete images, as well as textual query data, the artists aim to show those impressive layers of information that routinely escape the focus of our attention after agreeing to provide data.