2018, Interactive sound installation
Used media:
Sound generated in Max 8, Arduino boards, SHARP IR distance sensors.
Interactive sound installation works only for two persons.

Participants research a process of convergence, concepts of intimacy, the comfort zone, action and resistance.

The installation represents a corridor with a size of 10x1x2 meters. It is made of a fence from a dense cloth cover without a ceiling. The fence separates participants from the gallery space and other people. It maintains the intimacy of people interaction.

Two entrances are situated diagonally on opposite sides of the corridor. The corridor is split into two halves: one for each participant. Each of the participants can move independent learning his/her position and sound influence. Each corridor half has its own exit to the opposite side to another one near the border in the end.

Participants enter the corridor and stand face to face. Each of the participant's controls half of the mutual frequency of the sinusoidal signal and half of general volume. The sound is amplified significantly before reaching a pain threshold if both participants stay near the border for a long time.

Instruction for participants:
1. Enter the corridor by the pointer.
2. Walk slowly and smoothly. Look to each other's eyes.
3. Mind the distance between you.
4. The red line leads to the exit.