mere - Chaotic Anxiety
2023, Audiovisual live performance
The performance was made by the mere art group (Olesya Ilenok and Andrey Chugunov).
Used media:
2-channel sound, AI-generated visuals.
The audiovisual live performance 'Chaotic Anxiety' explores the state of scatteredness, uneasiness, and fragmentation formed in the chaotic flow of events for subjects at the junction of geo- and noosphere, looking for points of contact between slow geological time and the rapid course of events of the information society.

The visual part consists of collaged hallucinations generated with the help of neural networks in black and white style, working with the formation of abstract images.

Conceptually the performance can be divided into three parts:

1) an aggressive start, taking 4 minutes, showing the density and at the same time fragmentation of the information flow with the beat, as well as scraps of voice queries for a search engine, run through granular synthesis.

2) A measured 26-minute piece based on seismograph recordings of earthquakes in the artists' home region, revealing this turbulence beneath the solid earth. At this point, the sound is created with hardware synthesizers.

3) A 9-minute piece that combines both approaches, conveying the despair of man's inability to influence global cataclysms resulting from seismic and anthropomorphic factors.