pt9 - srs:cs/t12706
2019, Technological sculpture
Used media:
Construction: acryl, Arduino controller, light sensor;
Peltier element, DC fans, lasers.
The object cs/t12706 is an example of a complex structure in which the relationship between the environment and the synthetic space can be characterised by the observer as a chaotically functioning system. Its features can be considered in the context of dynamic chaos theory, wherein in a deterministic structure, the exact development of events cannot be predetermined.

Exploring the construct of corporeality through the phenomenon of environment, the project illustrates a non-linear approach to defining the rules of the existence of a certain system, where externally received information forms a scenario for the functioning of the object.

A laser beam dimmed by fans, passing through a sequence of refractive surfaces, activates a Peltier element. The microclimate inside the transparent box that is created over time creates a synthetic space whose existence is conditioned by events outside the box.

In this way, we observe the process of life of a self-looped system, where the transfer of information from the environment shapes the climate inside the object. But despite its existence according to predetermined laws, it is impossible to foresee exactly where the space will be at a certain point in time.