DIY MIDI Interface creation workshop
The 2-day workshop was held on the basis of ArtTECH master program during ArtTECH weekend in National University of Science and Technology MISiS, Moscow.
The workshop was prepared and led by Andrey Chugunov, Olesya Ilenok, Viktor Dzenkauskas.
Introduction lecture was conducted by Alexander Serechenko.
musicians, media artists, DJs, makers.
The interface between the performer and his instrument is a key aspect of the success of live performances. However, ready-made solutions are quite expensive. During the workshop, the participants were offered to create a budget MIDI controller.

The practical part of the workshop was anticipated by a lecture from Alexander Serechenko about the history of the creation of controllers, the development of the MIDI protocol and the OSC protocol, and the applications and tasks for these devices were described. There were also shown inspiring projects of various homemade controllers that allow performers of different genres - from musicians to VJs - to use the unique features of controllers for their artistic purposes.

The MIDI controller was made based on an Arduino NANO microcontroller with a rather simple architecture: 6 potentiometers, 2 sliders, and 4 buttons.

During the workshop the participants performed the following tasks:
- Assembling and adapting the design of the device to their purposes;
- Creating code through the Arduino IDE programming environment;
- Synchronization of the controller with Ableton, Resolume, TouchDesigner, etc.