'Basics of generative graphics in vvvv gamma' workshop
The 2-day workshop was held on the basis of PolArt artist residence in Norilsk, Russia.
The workshop was prepared and led by Andrey Chugunov.
designers, musicians, pupils, etc.
Participants learned how to create graphic images while balancing control of the outcome with randomness. Generative art is at the intersection of programming and computer graphics, where the algorithm becomes the primary tool for achieving visual expressiveness.

The practical part was preceded by a short lecture on the concept of control and its loss in contemporary art, as well as on how generative graphics are used in contemporary art.

The workshop was intended for artists, graphic designers, programmers, and makers. The vvvv gamma visual programming environment is friendly and easy to master. Later participants can use it not only for creating graphics but also for designing virtual spaces, controlling microcontrollers and creating interactive installations.

The level of difficulty of the workshop is beginner's level.
Duration - 3 hours.