Human Interfaces: Induction
2018, Audiovisual delegated dance performance
Used media:
Projection: generative graphics in touchdesigner;
Sound: generative sound in Max 8;
Arduino-based wearable interfaces.
Ajax co-working, Far-Eastern Federal University, Vladistok, 2018.
Performers: Tatiana Rudikh, Sofia Kanevskaya.
Contemporary culture center «Hlebozavod», Vladivostok, 2019.
Performers: Tatiana Rudikh, Yulya Chabanova.
The project is ongoing research of the augmented embodiment notion in which performer's bodies are equipped with sensors and portable microcontroller boards and considered as interfaces.

Magnets, microcontrollers, magnetic field and environment sensors are fastened on the performers' bodies. These devices have formed p2p-network, which fixates the special status of two and more bodies ("clients") inside of the registered space.

Interfaces allow to augment haptical contact in a sphere of inductional fields.

Sensors data affects generative graphics and sound which are formed ambience - common experience field in which senses flexibly transformed from one condition to another. Whereabout tactile sense is the main connection among all of the senses.

Each performance presenting is a separately documented improvisation research. Dancers get short instructions strictly few minutes before the show. The main research of the created system is gone off during the performance.

Three researched processes can be outlined: mutual [p2p-]induction via magnetic sensors; self-induction via self-exploring of personal interface possibilities; ambience interaction.