Meditative media and useless data laboratory
The 2 month workshop for participants of the Young artist laboratory at the Ural branch of the National Center for Contemporary Art (Urals branch of the Pushkin museum) in Yekaterinburg, Russia.
The course was prepared and led by Andrey Chugunov.
people with different backgrounds, such as street art, painting, photography, web design, etc.
As part of the lab, participants were introduced to current practices and issues in the new media and technological art field. They received a brief introduction to the history of media art. In addition, they got acquainted with the artwork production strategy within the concept of meditative media, which is based on the work with the subjective perception of time and immersion of the viewer in the procedural changes during the life cycle of the work.

The practical part focused on exploring tactics and techniques for working with data in the artistic process. Participants designed and created an interface for collecting so-called "useless data" from the environment. Working with such data allows to avoid pure visualization and leads to poetical approaches. Such interfaces are made on deliberate DIY techniques and can be used for a wide range of work. In addition, they learned basic pipelines for working with collected data in digital environments vvvv gamma, Msx MSP, touchdesigner.

As a result of the lab, some participants made various projects: a portable media object, a device for work/viewer interaction, or a multi-channel audio-visual installation.
Several of them are listed below.
Anna Shapova and Lena Levina project "A landing pad for Unidentified Any Object"
32°32′11″ 44°25′15″ project by Danil Bochenin:
2-day exhibition by Katya Kolpakova and Danil Bochenin: