2017, Multimedia installation
Used media:
video (duration – 44'28");
installation: lit burnt artifacts placed into plexiglas containers.
We look at things. We analyze. We do a research.

Applicable things have a function. Instruments.
Inapplicable things lose the function but save usable potential. Symbols.
Unusable things have no function and no potential. Pure objects.

Instruments surround us merging with the environment. Tangible.
Symbols cut out of the material world having a new concept. Intangible.
Pure objects lose function, application and all prescribed concepts. Art pieces.

In my artwork six objects go through the full cycle of transformations:
Instruments are withdrawn out of Tangible, put as Symbols into Intangible, and finally transformed to Pure object – Art pieces.

• Passport used to identify oneself;
• The plastic card used to store money;
• Hair used as a source for wigs;
• The tree used to serve as an oxygen producer and decoration;
• Lamb heart used as an ingredient;
• Stones used as a souvenir and Notebook used as a short memory storage.

Symbols (everyone has seen his/her own interpretation, but mine is):
• Passport – prescribed individuality;
• Plastic card – the illusion of wealth;
• Hair – beauty segregated from the person;
• Tree – socially prescribed role of a 'man' (From a Russian proverb "Every man should plant a tree, build a house and raise a son";
• Burning lamb heart – flesh oxidation as a representation of life;
• Stones and Notebook – memory.

The "Purifying fire" cleans objects out of applicable, inapplicable, and all the hidden concepts.
Things are unusable. Things are pure.