pt9 - srs:qb/t1024
2019, Technological sculpture
Used media:
Construction: veneer frame, mirror acryl;
Arduino controller with the mp3 shield;
The object srs:qb/t1024 is embedded in a cross-cutting framework of several discourses at once, from modern criticism of the Anthropocene to classical randomness theory.
The probability as an independent agency inside the box is multiplied by the event, which here is the impact of the laser beam. The laser beam acts as a single human channel into the vacuum ecosystem created within by intervening on an object surrounded by a cubic form of externally reflective material.
The object creates all the conditions for the greatest independence of the system within it by mimicking its external environment through reflective material. The object has no practical functions other than self-knowledge and self-reproduction as a product of postmodernism.
The object transcends human interpretations and remains unknowable to man as a holistic and self-contained phenomenon.
The system hiding inside is hybrid, unobjectified, and not accessible to sensual experience.
Yana Gaponenko, independent curator