Recuperation in the Space of States
2019, Media installation
Project by Timofey Gorbatenko, Olesya Ilenok, Anastasia Lukuta, Evgeniy Lukuta, Marina Muzyka, Andrey Chugunov
The artwork was commissioned for the Research project of the 5th Ural Industrial Biennale, Yekaterinburg, Russia.
Used media:
4-channel sound, plexiglass cube (35×35×35 cm), titanium shavings, electronics.
Titanium shavings are industrial waste from the manufacturing point of view. This is not the finite but one of the possible, intermediate forms of the material. In this cycle, titanium undergoes numerous manipulations that include processing with various equipment. But what information about itself can it give in any of its possible states besides the outer form?

Each piece of titanium shavings is unique: it has its length, bending lines, glare surfaces. Using these characteristics, artists approach metal from the perspective of deep-media research. Titanium functions as a sound wave generator and an electromechanical audio signal processor. Data on physical and chemical properties and data from the color sensor adjust the parameters of these generators in real-time.

Received sound signals are passed and processed through the body of the four curls of the shavings. The transition into a new quality becomes the stage that allows it to escape technological death, to reveal the inner, previously unknown to anyone potential of the material. Four-channel sound outlines the moving sound space and forms for the viewer a research area that exists only within the established spatial and temporal limits.