Youth sound design lab
The course was held in the framework of the 4th Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary art as part of the Central Factory Laboratory for young people.
The course was prepared and led by Andrey Chugunov, Ekaterina Zalikaeva.
The term of the laboratory was 2 month (1 lesson per week).
People under the age of 18 with different backgrounds but a solid desire to try themselves in the field of sound.
The course was created for teenagers who are interested in exploring a new area of sound design. The course was built from complementary positions: psychoacoustics, experimental sound and musical theory. The part concerning the musical theory was taught by Ekaterina Zalikaeva. The block about psychoacoustics and experimental sound was conducted by Andrey Chugunov.

During the course, teenagers learned the basics of psychoacoustics, music theory, the composition of a piece of music, as well as the history of acoustic and electronic instruments. They practised working with field recordings, learned the basics of working with samples and synthesizers in the program Ableton, and the final presentation created their own track.
Interview with the sound design laboratory participant, Oleg Podunov, about his experience (in Russian)
Interview with me about the sound design laboratory (in Russian)