There is nothing but silence beneath our feet
2023, Installation
The project was commissioned for the 'Wild Happiness' exhibition curated by Ilya Shipilovskikh.
Used media:
8-channel sound, 3-channel video.
The sound installation 'There is nothing but silence beneath our feet' is an opportunity to go beyond the usual approach to the perception of geological change over time. In the work, we encounter a different temporality whose measured course refers to large-scale geological processes.
The main reference for the 3-channel video is the graphic representations of the earth's seismic profiles. The graphics seek to answer the question of how geologists could see the earth changing if they could put the passage of time on rewind. The installation is accompanied by an artist's narrative on the theme of perceiving a place from the perspective of humans and mountains as if they too have their own possibility of change on the surface in time.
Using the geological data of earthquakes recorded in the Urals since the opening of the seismographic station in the village of Arti in 2018 as the basis for creating a sound space, the artist presents the ridge of the Urals as a space with its variability and dynamics, suddenly manifesting out of silence for the inhabitants. Earthquakes themselves are a metaphorical representation of the 'voice of the earth'. Seismograms were used as the basis for the wavetable synthesis. Eight loudspeakers were placed on 3 floors of the museum, forming a pervasive sonic intervention in the body of the exhibition.
1st floor
2nd floor
3rd floor